Lygia Bojunga

Lygia com 1 ano de idade

Lygia 1 year old in Pelotas, extreme south of Brasil, where she was born and lived her early years as a child.

When she was 8 her family moved to Rio de Janeiro, "...when we came to Rio we went to live in Copacabana and I immediatly plunged into the life of sea, sun, and beach. My complete integration with the neighborhood was as if planet Earth had only one name: Copacabana."



9 years old in the costume of a gipsy made up by Lygia.("... as a child and adolescent I loved to participate in the carnival and to design my own costumes...").

Ao completar 8 anos

Aos 19 anos

19 years old, when she was taken by a passion for the theatre.

Shortly after being chosen to star the first play of the Amateur Theatre Duse, (founded by Paschoal Carlos Magno) Lygia was taken by the professional Company"The United Artists".


Com Fernanda Montenegro, Henriette Morineau e Laura Suarez, entre outros.

With Fernanda Montenegro, Henriette Morineau and Laura Suarez, amongst others, in a play presented by The United Artists.

Aos 21 anos

Lygia - 21 years old, by the time of her first marriage.

10 anos escrevendo para rádio e televisão...

After abandoning her short carreer as an actress, Lygia spent 10 years writing for radio and television." that time writing/creating characters was for me a way of surviving and also a way of obtaining funds to build the home I wanted (Boa Liga). It was only later, when I started to write books, that I came to unsderstand that creating characters was much more than a way to survive, it was – and is – a way to live, a way that I very much want for myself".

At the age of 33 Lygia went to live "there at the end of a valley in the mountains located in the State of Rio: the time had come for me to live close to nature".

Shortly afterwards she founded, with her second husband, "a delightful Englishman who, by chance, came to that area of the forests" , a small rural school called TOCA, which the two maintained for 5 years.


Lygia e Peter

Lygia and Peter at that time.

In 1982 Lygia moved to London; "it was there that I became fully aware that a writer is a citizen of her language: I commenced to share my time between London and Rio, not hearing my language increasingly became a penalty and so I began to spend more and more time in Rio. Now, with the House which I’ve created for my characters, that’s to say, with the Publishing House, my time in London is further reduced."

O banco do descanso O pub

The bench for resting, in Hampstead Heath, London – where Lygia often walks. The pub, near to her studio "Crow’s Nest", where she often has lunch.

Em junho de 2002

"In 1988 I had a theatrical rebirth": Lygia wrote a monologue called Livro (Book) and performed it on libraries, universities, schools and cultural centers all over Brasil and in other countries, initiating a new phase in her work, and a new way of amplifying her attachment to books. The project was named As Mambembadas (Wanders).

During the 90’s Lygia developed three more one-woman-shows within the project As Mambembadas, in which she sought to bring her two "I’s" together: actress and writer. Taking her book The making of Ana Paz (Fazendo Ana Paz) to the stage she acted all seven characters contained in the story; later she wrote and acted Face to face with Lygia (De cara com a Lygia)and Testimony (Depoimento), both a theatrical view of dealing with literature. She carried out further Mambembadas intermitently, presenting her four performances.

In June 2002, on the occasion of the launching of Portraits of Carolina (Retratos de Carolina) – the first book to be published by the Publishing House "Casa Lygia Bojunga" – the writer presented her most recent theatrical work: The Interview (A entrevista), in which, for more than one hour, a dialogue is carried out, with an invisible interviewer. Yet another solo presentation by Lygia: " life on stage is as solitary as is the life of writing..."

Peter registrou Lygia junto ao mar...

When the House began the production of Portraits of Carolina (Retratos de Carolina), Peter’s camera captured Lygia next to the sea – exactly where Lygia, in the book, bids farewell to Carolina.

Silvana Marques captou Lygia na platéia com as flores comemorativas...

Also in June 2002 CAL (The House of Arts in Laranjeiras) – a neighborhood in Rio - invited Lygia to see their production of The Companions (Os colegas), in commemoration of the 30 years since that first book of Lygia was published. Silvana Marques photographed the author in the audience along with bouquet of flowers. The frame that, afterwards, was put in that photo - a house covered by a book - has become the symbol of the small publishing house created for Lygia's characters.

In 2004 Lygia Bojunga received from the hands of H.R.H. Crown Princess Victoria, of Sweden, the ALMA prize (Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award), the world's largest prize for children's and youth literature.


Lygia recebendo o Prêmio ALMA (Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award), em maio de 2004

Lygia receiving the prize (Stockholm, 26th May 2004).


Speech by Lygia Bojunga.

Lygia recebendo o prêmio FAZ DIFERENÇA de Personalidade Literária do Jornal O GLOBO (2004)

In 2004 Lygia also received, in Brazil, the prize MAKES A DIFFERENCE (Literary Personality of the Year) awarded by the newspaper O GLOBO.

Lygia and Peter (Rio, March 2007)

Lygia and the Swedish ambassador Margareta Winberg
at the ceremony of opening The Astrid Lindgren Exhibit,
during the "Salão FNLIJ do Livro 2007" (the 9th Book Fair
sponsored by FNLIJ - Fundação Nacional do Livro Infantil e Juvenil,
the Brazilian section of IBBY - International Board on Books for Young People).


Lygia talking to her readers during the "Salão FNLIJ do Livro 2007".


Lygia with a visiting group of school children from
"Institute Lecca - Rio de Janeiro", who came to Santa Teresa
     to become acquainted with the project "A new niche for Santa".
March 2008


Lygia talking to the public in the first FLIST event
(annual public meeting with Authors, readers and artists)
that takes place for a couple of days
in the historic borough of Santa Teresa, Rio. 
May 2009


Lygia receiving an hommage during the
Iberoamericano Congress of Literature for Young People
that took place in Santiago - Chile.
February 2010


Lygia receiving from the Mayor of Recife, in the Theatre Santa Isabel, the "Ordem do Mérito Cultural - OMC 2011
     (highest reward given every year by the Ministry of Culture in recognition for cultural activities).


Lygia with her friend and previous publisher (J.O.) Maria Amelia Mello.

November 2012 

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