"The human potential to influence others is most powerful in the written word. Lygia Bojunga knows this and practises the art as few others do. Her words full of sentiment, knowledge, experience and much imagination help to construct and to interpret things which are meaningful to all of us."

Elizabeth D'Angelo Serra
Secretary General of the National Foundation of Books for Children and Young People (Brazilian Section of IBBY)

* * *

"Lygia Bojunga is one of those 'Authors for children' which adults discover with surprise and delight."

Eliana Yunes
Jornal do Brasil

* * *

"The quality of each new text by Lygia Bojunga always surprises the reader by surpassing even previous writings..."

Laura Sandroni
O Globo

* * *

"Lygia Bojunga is our most important Author of Literature for Young People. Her books (few but of a superlative quality) are always at the top of the national scenario..."

Fanny Abramovich
Folha de São Paulo

* * *

"For some time Lygia Bojunga has been breaking the (arguable) fences between literature for young people and literature tout-court. Whoever is not aware of this is losing contact with one of the great artists of words..."

Luiz Raul Machado
Jornal Rio Artes

* * *

"If there is someone in the literature for young people that needs no introduction is Lygia Bojunga: without doubt the best of it’s type (and of many others...) in Brasil."

Tatiana Belinky
Estado de São Paulo

* * *

"The first book written by Lygia Bojunga, The Companions (Os colegas), appeared in 1972. Three years later appeared the fable Angélica, followed in 1976 by the now classic The yellow bag (A bolsa amarela). Two years later came The godmother's house (A casa da madrinha) and in 1979 came the extraordinary Tyghtrope (Corda bamba). In 80 The chintz sofa (O sofá estampado) then in 82 came international recognition - The HANS CHRISTIAN ANDERSEN Prize. Then followed Tchau and My friend the painter (O meu amigo pintor); here Lygia demonstrated once again her capacity not only to write differently, but as well to face with courage and sensibility preconceived ideas as few others are able to do. With her, literature for young people is transformed into a celebration".

Edmir Perrotti – writer and professor of Communication and Arts of the University of São Paulo.

The opinions of a number of the Andersen prize international jury (who elected Lygia as the Author highly recommended for the medal) were reproduced in an article by Ana Maria Machado (at the time a member of the jury) in the newspaper "Jornal do Brasil":

  • She is one of the most original of writers we have had opportunity to read. She has a most distinctive way of using the language and this captivates the reader.
  • In addiction to creating a work of quality, she creates a world of fantasy totally free of restraint.
  • A fascinating world is created in her books due to the absence of frontiers between realism and fantasy. As her works develop, she will have a guaranteed place amongst the masters of literature for young people.
  • Adults read Lygia's stories with as much enjoyment as children gain from her books. And this enjoyment is considerable.
  • The richness of her metaphors is amazing, as is the technical control in the development of the story, along with the perfect joining together of social and individual aspects.
  • She goes beyond the traditions of her country, but at the same time manages to retain a strong Brazilian flavour. None of the other competitors presented as many possibilities for making a lasting contribution for children, nor such a capacity for influencing others. We have here something absolutely new.
  • As well as being true to her Brazilian roots, there is, in addition, a universal resonance.

After the Andersen prize, Lygia's books spread to several countries, in 19 different languages.

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